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Integrated Disabilty Support Services

Our Team

Our dynamic and diverse team of staff and volunteers offers highly skilled and professional support to you.

We carefully select our staff, recognizing the need to have professional skills balanced by life skills. We are passionate about our work, and we will take every opportunity to collaborate with you around your needs. IDSS embraces opportunities to train our staff and volunteers to ensure that we bring the latest knowledge and skills to our workplace. We are a highly mobile workforce; able to access you and move in and around our community.

What makes our service different?

We put you first

Our aim is to provide you with the standard of support we expect for our own families. This means valuing the unique qualities of each participant and seeing the whole person, not just a list of support needs.

Our services are flexible and respond to your changing priorities and needs. We work together with families to keep our customers in control of their own care as far as they are able. That’s why we always listen carefully to what you tell us about how you want to receive your support.

We keep in regular contact, so that you soon get to know the whole team at IDSS. Building a relationship that you can trust and rely upon is central to how we manage our business.

Our programs are designed around your interests and skills and provide an opportunity for you to develop new skills and have new experiences. You will have a coordinator who will work with you to develop your individual program that provides you with a meaningful life.

Become a member of our participant group which meets regularly to review and discuss our programs and make suggestions for improvement.

Our Programs - Building YOUR Independence

All our programs have at their heart a commitment to providing the assistance that can help people achieve their goals. It could be that you need a lift to the shops, some help around the home, a structured exercise program, or maybe help to join a social group. Our services are designed to support you with the help you need at the times you need it.

We connect people to their community through a broad range of social activities focusing on developing community linkages. We can also assist people to attend appointments, to access their local shopping centre and to continue engaging in everyday activities.

The support of health care professionals in the areas of Exercise Physiology and Community Nursing services are also available. These services can assist with medication reviews, safety in the home, cognitive and functional assessments as well as advice on how to access increased assessments and services.

Our programs promote wellness and continued independence in the community and we work with a range of specialists, groups and programs that can improve your overall health and support needs.

Domestic Support

Some people may find managing their household duties difficult without support. IDSS Domestic Support helps clients manage their household and domestic duties. Dependent on an individual’s needs and circumstances, we provide services that will assist with cleaning, shopping and other light home duties. This assistance can mean that people can remain living comfortably in their own homes within our community.

Door-to-Door Transport

IDSS Transport Service provides clients with access to shopping, medical and hospital appointments as well as recreational and social activities. Our transport service is supported by volunteers who provide safe, comfortable transport enabling people in our community to maintain independence.

The service includes:

• Regular door-to-door assisted transport to several local shopping centres

• Scheduled bus trips for group therapy and activity sessions

• Individual transport to medical or other health related appointments

• Public transport education, travel training and trip planning

Home Assist

We offer practical help and information for all your home maintenance. Home Assist can help you with managing those jobs around the house, this might include developing a regular cleaning or yard maintenance schedule or just learning how to change a light bulb. We can also assist with complex issues such as a cluttered home environment and can assist people who struggle to keep things organized to develop a plan.

This program supports people who live with a functional disability or mental health challenges who require assistance to stay on top of routines and household chores. The domestic team work alongside each person to develop skills and increase independence. We assist people to set goals, organize, and clean their living areas and to maintain a safe and hygienic home environment.

Life Skills

We work closely with our local community and other services to provide opportunities for social interaction, community involvement and vocational choices. Our inclusive engaging programs aim to develop life skills, responding to individual’s aims and aspirations.

We offer you the opportunity to learn how to live more independently by promoting experiences that include:

• Cooking – including meal planning, shopping and creating tasty delights

• Home care skills

• Healthy life choices programs focusing on fitness and nutritional awareness

• Budgeting

• Relationship building activities

Community Centre Hub – IDSS HQ

A day at HQ provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a day away from home. Our beautifully renovated centre provides a welcoming atmosphere with social activities and regular information sharing events and workshops.

Our team of mentors work to support our clients and their individual needs and will ensure the day’s activities are stimulating and interesting for all. Why not drop in and enjoy our coffee club or spend some quiet time in the reading room.

Offering regular movie days, computer and information technology workshops, cooking classes, art and craft groups and gaming activities just to name a few there will be sure to be something to keep you busy.

Mental Wellbeing

IDSS’s Mental Health Support Service encompasses social support and domestic assistance programs that provide practical assistance that enhances individuals’ daily lives. The program supports people to set goals and to manage the routines of daily life and to access the community for appointments and recreational activities.

Our team of mentors offer flexible, inclusive and creative supports that respond to the needs of people experiencing functional disabilities and mental health challenges.

Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and their families are considered to ensure all needs are met. We also provide advocacy, information and linkages to ensure the best possible supports are engaged for each person in the program.

Through the broad range of inclusive recreational activities, we support people to connect with others, have fun and access the local community by helping them to overcome social isolation and increase their connections to the community.

Participants are supported through a recovery focused and strengths based approach that recognizes recovery as a personal journey driven by the participant. Our mentors provide practical assistance to people with severe mental illness to help them achieve their personal goals, develop better relationships with family and friends, and manage their everyday tasks.

One-to-one and ongoing support ensures the individual needs of our participants can be addressed. Participants are assisted to access services and to participate economically and socially in the community, increasing their opportunities for recovery.

IDSS offers both one-to-one support as well as a number of group activities that aim to develop people’s skills in managing mental illness and/or increase community participation.

Outdoor and Exercise

Do you love to go dancing, go for a walk or swim at a pool? We can help you with your outdoor exercise activities. Offering support to develop individualised recreational interests, whether it be an activity you like to do at home, attending a gym or joining in one of our group exercise programs we will tailor a program based on your interests, goals and abilities aimed at supporting you to live an active and fulfilling life.

Social and Leisure

Shopping – Movies – Shows - Your social life will never be the same again! Supported by your IDSS mentor - whether it be getting together with other people, attending a club or supporting your local footy team on a Saturday afternoon we will support you to access your community. Going to the markets, visiting local attractions or events, or simply visiting the library, IDSS will assist you to enjoy your interests.

Getting Involved with your Community


Volunteers assist us and bring essential support to all our services. Volunteers’ talents and interests are considered and matched with individuals needing support and services requiring expertise. IDSS volunteers offer their time to drive people to appointments, make friendly home visits, and contribute to everything we do at IDSS HQ.

Community Development

We advocate for inclusive communities that support participation and access.

We embrace opportunities to build alliances that strengthen our community and we offer support to individuals and community groups to grow and develop ideas and initiatives. We work with local community groups offering support with projects, activities and ideas for enriching our community.

Community Education - Low-cost opportunities for people in our community to come together around shared interests and activities

Our groups and classes aim to support a healthy and active community. All activities are provided by local people with passion and expertise and offer informal and affordable opportunities for people to participate in physical activities, creative classes, conversation groups, support groups and personal development workshops.

Carers - It’s important to feel supported when you are caring for someone and you may need some time to yourself or to talk to someone who can help.

Carers are always welcome to call in to IDSS HQ to talk to one of our friendly staff members or just have some time out. IDSS will host regular forums and workshops for our carers to share information and develop relationships.


You may wish to appoint an advocate to assist you with negotiating your requested service and support:

• An advocate is a person who, with authority from yourself or your family, represents your interests

• An advocate may be a family member, friend, or a person from an advocacy service such as Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy (QADA) on (07) 3637 6000

• You have a right to change your advocate at any time

• Advocates may be used during assessments, reviews and complaints, or for any other communication between you and IDSS.



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